Our Power and Success come from God

By Darrick The Prosperity Messenger
Not that we are fit ( qualified and sufficient in ability ) of ourselves
to form personal judgments or to claim or count anything as coming
from us, but our power and ability and sufficiency are from God.
2 Corinthians 3:5
 We are to be walking by the Word bearing His image and character and staying linked to the Holy Spirit in total dependency. You see, God has given us special rights and privileges in the Name of Jesus because, He is in support of us. God has big plans unfolding in the hearts of people that know our power and success come from God. You get the Word in your mouth and begin to supercharge your spirit because, there is no way that you can enter into all that God wants you to enjoy, to experience, and have if you do not first know the truth.
We do not have to beg to try to get something from God. We are born again into God's royal family by faith in Jesus and that means God will provide the power, the resources, the ability and anything else we need. We use God's Word, which is His message that comes to us and through us from the Spirit. That's why impossible circumstances are just opportunities for God to show Himself strong on our behalf.
The world system isn't our provider! Hallelujah! When you know your power and success comes from God you can receive all the benefits that accompany Who He is. God is our Covenant Partner and we are operating in the Power of His Anointing. When we get into the presence of the Lord we will find His Goodness and will discover that the struggle is over. Yes, despite trouble, God is STILL our Power, Ability and Sufficiency. The world doesn't understand this, only believers understand God's power because we have made up our minds that we are going on with God no matter what.
Many people try to meet their needs without God but He is constantly calling people to His plan that His ability is unlimited and with Him all things are possible. We serve an AMAZING GOD, Who can do anything, anywhere at anytime. God is not going to change to agree with us, we must change to agree with Him. I know many people don't like to hear that but, it's true. I'll say it again, our power and success come from God. You have to ask the Lord to give you a fresh desire to read His Word and understand it in a whole new way, which is God's ability to make His people great. Let me tell you MORE ABOUT IT and how I can help you at www.receivethespiritofsuccess.com GO THERE NOW! Yes, CLICK RIGHT NOW! There is a MESSAGE YOU REALLY NEED TO READ!
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