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Darrick Bussell, Founder and CEO of http://www.jesusprosperitychurch.com/ . Founder and CEO of Faith People University and Jesus Prosperity Academy. Darrick is in the Christian Business of helping, writing, teaching, speaking, and coaching people How To Receive Prosperity From God! Darrick is also President of three Successful Christian e-magazines. Supernatural Favor, Prosperity Seeds, and Christian Prosperity Woman. Darrick also offers for FREE his online Newsletter Benefits for Believers. Which you can subscribe at http://www.jesusprosperitychurch.com/

Darrick's desire and passion is to speak God's prosperity message to God's people about the many Prosperity Benefits through Jesus! God wants His people empowered and anointed through His Prosperity Word to have GOOD SUCCESS! When people ask Darrick, why, should I listen to you? First he says, it's not me you should be seeking. But, you need to seek God and His Prosperity Word to you. Then Darrick tells the story of about how He was praying and thanking God, about how GOOD He has been to him. And then Darrick asked God a question. What can I do for you God? Darrick said, God spoke to His Spirit and said, I want you to Speak Prosperity Messages To My People. I want you to let them know, I want to HELP THEM PROSPER BY MY WORD, PURPOSE AND WILL!

God said to Darrick, I want Believers to be Blessed to be a Blessing for the GOOD OF MY KINGDOM! That's why Darrick calls himself a Prosperity Messenger for God. God said, to Darrick, I WILL TELL YOU what Prosperity Messages to Speak that will sow seeds into my Peoples Spirit. Darrick opened up the Bible by the leading of the Holy Spirit and start reading this Scripture. HEAR THIS all you peoples, give ear, all you inhabits of the world, Both low and high, rich and poor together: My mouth shall speak wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be understanding. Psalm 49:1-3

Darrick says, God has given him Many Creative Successful Christian Ideas to HELP BELIEVERS PROSPER AND INCREASE! Darrick says, God gives him Prosperity Messages of information that will HELP GOD'S PEOPLE get out of LACK, SHORTAGE, AND BONDAGE that is not pleasing to God The Father. God wants HIS PEOPLE to Receive All His Goodness Through Jesus! Find out How Darrick can Help You Receive God's Prosperity Message. Go to http://www.jesusprosperitychurch.com e-mail darrick@jesusprosperitychurch.com
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