Jesus is Continually Supplying His People

By Darrick The Prosperity Messenger
Victory comes from You, O Lord. May Your blessings rest on your people
Psalm 3:8
When you place Jesus at the center of your life and trust Him as your Personal Savior you can call on Him, because Jesus wants to see His people prospered and successful. Yes, Jesus will give you victory and peace in the middle of a storm. Setbacks and failures no longer overwhelm you, because Jesus invites you to receive His blessings of Good Success and Prosperity. It will start spiritually and then move naturally to other areas of your life.
So make up your mind right now that nothing and no one is going to stop you from getting the results you are trusting Jesus for. Jesus Lives, and He saves, and He is continually supplying His people. So as long as you get your spiritual thinking at a higher level you will receive. So stir yourself up because God created you to be a person of not just ordinary faith but, Great Faith in The Name of Jesus! Human effort isn't enough! You Need Spiritual Help! You see, Jesus majors in doing the impossible. So if you are a born again believer who has received Jesus as your Savior and Lord, God has set you up to succeed. Hallelujah, God has set you up to be blessed.
Today, your victory comes from Jesus! Today the blessing you need will come rest on you, because of Jesus. Your old way of thinking will try to rule you but, Jesus will change your thought life from defeat, failure and lack to victory, success and supply. What's the truth about it? It's whatever the Word of God says about it and God desires every believer to know Him, worship Him and be blessed by Him. The Bible teaches that our minds are to be brought under the control of Christ and if you belong to Him prosperity belongs to you. It's your birthright as a child of the Living God. That's why Jesus wants and desires to do BIG THINGS and NEW THINGS that not only causes you to be blessed but also for you to be a blessing.
Jesus wants you to be constantly increasing with good in all areas of your life. Jesus wants to increase you financially by giving you promotions, creative ideas, business ideas and if you get into agreement with Jesus, it can be the greatest time of your life! So start making room in your thinking for what Jesus has in store for you. You may be struggling financially, but this is your time through Jesus for supply! Let me tell you MORE ABOUT IT and how I can help you at GO THERE NOW! Yes, CLICK RIGHT NOW! There is a MESSAGE YOU REALLY NEED TO READ! Glory be to Jesus!
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