How to Pray Expecting Results

By Darrick The Prosperity Messenger
Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and
of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring.
Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord.
Psalm 27:14
It takes commitment to keep praying if you want successful results. You have to have determination and be faithful because, that's what diligent Christians do. The focused Christian always prays expecting results from the prosperity promise because, God said it belongs to a believer. Circumstances and problems may come and sometimes come out of nowhere but, that's when you have to hold fast to God's Word. Your faith in His Word must know NO DEFEAT! You must keep praying expecting results because, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!
If you keep your total confidence in God, you will get results from the prosperity promise. Success and increase will come forth in the Name of Jesus! If the Lord did it for others, why should He not do the same for you? I want you to know right now, that God loves it when you pray to Him with faith and expectation for the promise of success and increase to come forth. Sometimes it doen't always happen overnight. Sometimes you have to be willing to fight the good fight of faith to receive from the spiritual realm to the natural realm.
God has a plan to make your prayer request happen if you get stirred up and keep expecting and taking action on His Word. You see, God is always interested in reaching people and changing lives.  So when you pray with expectation give thanks to God before you see any results because, you live a Greater Life through your faith in Jesus the Anointed One! You see, when you pray expecting results it's already done! It's settled that you will receive!
You're in a partnership relationship with God. So forget the failures and disappointments of the past and reach out to the NEW LIFE IN JESUS! In His Powerful Name you can call success and increase to come forth. Praise the Lord because He is Good and He will inspire you to live a life of victory and success. Hallelujah! Jesus regards His relationship with you and your relationship with Him as extremely important and if you place Him first, all other things will come into their proper place.
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