God has set you up to be Blessed

By Darrick The Prosperity Messenger
Blessings are upon the head of the [ uncompromisingly ]
righteous ( the upright, in right standing with God )
Proverbs 10:6
Many people try to meet their own needs without God and many fail and many struggle. But if you're a born-again believer who has received Jesus as your Savior and Lord, God has set you up to be blessed. God has set you up to succeed and have good success in THE BLESSING AGREEMENT OF PROSPERITY! Do you think that God wants you to fail after Jesus made you righteous with God by going to the cross? Absolutely Not? THE BLESSING AGREEMENT OF PROSPERITY is where your victory begins and the only way the devil can steal your victory is to believe him instead of God.
You see, when you believe God faith brings the good plan of God from the heavenly realm right into the earthly realm. When the pressure is on and tough times come, the last thing you should do is quit believing God and act on His Word because, God is creating opportunities to do you good and show you favor. The Bible is a treasury for believers of all the good things God has prepared for His people because of THE BLESSING AGREEMENT OF PROSPERITY.
God knows right where you are and exactly what you need and in any economy and it's good to have the assurance that God is watching out for you. God will be your Source of Inspiration and Encouragement and you can call on Him in the Spirit of faith expecting Him to respond. Today spend some time thinking about the promises of THE BLESSING AGREEMENT OF PROSPERITY it is truly one of God's most effective secrets for success.
THE BLESSING AGREEMENT OF PROSPERITY is straight out of the heart of God! He is so Wonderful and the more you walk in and work His plan, the happier you will be and the more peace you will enjoy. When you begin to follow the Spirit of God,  you can become the man or woman you'd like to be. God established covenants throughout Scripture which are His promises to His people.
You may be facing a tough battle right now but, the Lord is telling you not to give up. Trust Him! God will make you stronger than your problem, burden, circumstance or enemies. God is not too busy for you to call on Him to Help you! Don't be classified with those who murmured, complained, and didn't trust God. God is always yearning to do you good! Let me tell you MORE ABOUT IT and how I can help you at www.theblessingagreement.com GO THERE NOW! YES, CLICK RIGHT NOW! There is a MESSAGE YOU REALLY NEED TO READ!
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