God Gave us All things when He Gave us Jesus

BY Darrick The Prosperity Messenger
He who did not withold or spare [ even ] His own Son
but gave Him up for us all, will He not also with Him freely
and graciously give us all [ other ] things?
Romans 8:32
It's all because of Jesus we can expect God to do great things for us and we can begin believing ( NOT WISHING ) today things are starting to change. God will open up new and creative doors of opportunity that you missed or didn't know about that will be good for you. God is even making the impossible possible in your life because, God gave us all things when He gave us Jesus. Glory be to God! We have the privilege of going boldly and confidently into God's very presence and make our request known to Him.
Our real citizenship is with Jesus and He claims ownership of our lives because He paid a high price for us. That is why God is absolutely committed to seeing you through the situation you are facing right now. Many in the body of Christ have learned to rely on God completely but only when your heart is established in the Word of God will confidence rise up within you because you'll be fully persuaded that God gave us all things when He gave us Jesus.
You can begin receiving new blessings with faith and confidence and you'll be able to walk securely on your path in life knowing that God is backing you up in the Name of Jesus. You see, when you trust Him, you'll be able to stand in the midst of adversity, standing immovable in God's Word putting yourself in a position to receive God's Goodness. Your heavenly Father wants to do good for you but you have to become consumed with your relationship with Him and His Word, which is Jesus.
You want to have so much Word occupying space in your heart that you have no room to listen to negative thoughts from satan. Remember, peace comes from hearing the words that Jesus has spoken. If you hold tightly to the Word of God, you can expect to be compensated. It pays to keep the Word in your life which is Jesus. That's why I am here to tell you God gave us all things when He gave us Jesus. You must understand that God wants us to enjoy an awareness of His Son Jesus and this is a high priority with God today. Hallelujah, we are heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus. Let me tell you MORE ABOUT IT and how I can help you at www.destinedforthegoodlife.com GO THERE NOW! Yes, CLICK RIGHT NOW! There is a MESSAGE YOU REALLY NEED TO READ!
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