God Can Do All Things

By Darrick The Prosperity Messenger
But Jesus looked at them and said, with men this is
impossible, but all things are possible with God.
Matthew 19:26
You don't have to accept the limitations of this world any longer. You can start living by God's Word which is the Truth because it inspires your faith and creates a higher expectation of what God can do for you. But, here's the key, you must believe what Jesus said and decide right this second regardless of your current circumstances that God can do all things! 
God will give you Word encouragement by filling your spirit with light to let you know that you serve The God of More Than Enough. Yes, Absolutely! You can go ahead and shout your victory right now in the Name of Jesus because, everything in the Word of God is about problem solving. That's why Jesus said, God can do all things! So anything that comes against the power of God doesn't stand a chance when you allow God's Word to rule in your heart. The good news of the Gospel can attack your lack. So do not think that God will be troubled by your persistence in reminding Him of His promises.
God is Mighty to save you and comfort you of each and every problem. Yes, you can go to God right now with the words, do as you have said because, nothing pleases our Lord better than to see His promises put in circulation. Hallelujah, you can cast your burden on the Lord because He cares for you and His eyes are always on you. No matter what you are going through, regardless of the pressure the devil tries to put on you, God can be relied upon to bring His Word to pass. You see, the Word contains a heavenly principle and works powerfully in those who believe. Your situation may be difficult right now, but you have to keep trusting in and relying upon God to see you through because God can do all things.
JESUS SAID IT! So pray it to God and receive it as truth. Hallelujah, God enjoys helping you and as long as you're in faith The God of Hope will fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him. Is anything too hard for our God? Is His arm shortened that He cannot save? God's Word is more than printed letters on a sheet of paper. God's Word is spirit and life and His Word is active, energizing, and effective and it is foolish not to trust in God for help and guidance. So come to Him in solid anticipation that He can and will handle your problems. Does this mean that you will never face hardship? No, but it does mean that in times of difficulty God will be there for you. Let me tell you MORE ABOUT IT and how I can help you at www.howtoattackyourlack.com GO THERE NOW! Yes, CLICK RIGHT NOW! There is a MESSAGE YOU REALLY NEED TO READ!

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